WITH his favored childhood, top of the line taste and hailing from the postcode itself – Charlie Brake wouldn’t be strange on Made In Chelsea.

Here is what you need to know about the 2018 Love Islander who could be the villa’s poshest ever resident and has split from girlfriend Ellie Brown…

 Socialite Charlie Brake hails from London's Chelsea
Socialite Charlie Brake hails from London’s Chelsea

Socialite Charlie Brake hails from London’s Chelsea


Charlie, 23, is a socialite from London’s swanky Chelsea.

Prior to entering the show, he said he’s diverse to the remainder of the estate since “I don’t generally need to work so I will in general do what I need, when I need”.

He likewise said he was stressed that if the Islanders timed on to his advantaged childhood there may be “a great deal of envy there”.

In any case, showy Charlie additionally flaunted that he’s even whisked a young lady away skiing on a subsequent date.

He’s portrayed himself as “quite ferocious” and conceded: “I have a notoriety to stroll over individuals, regardless of whether they are my mates. On the off chance that I need something, I’ll let it all out.”

For what reason IS CHARLIE SO RICH?

His granddad is the author of sustenance dissemination organization Brakes.

They offered the firm in 2002 to a US-based private value firm for £434million.

The arrangement made the groups of the three establishing siblings over £80million each.

In 2016, the firm changed hands again for an amazing £2.2billion.